The course book:

"The Crystal Healing Guide"

Colour softback book covering a wide variety of uses of crystals for healing. Ideal reference and course book for crystal healers and schools teaching crystal healing.

New, updated version of the previous 'Illustrated Elements of Crystal Healing'  published in 1999, 2002 and 2010

2017 ISBN 978-0008221799 (Harper Collins)

Cost: 12.99 + P&P

"The Essential Guide to Crystals"

This is a reprint by Watkins of the book, earlier published by Duncan Baird.


A full colour, handy-sized, easy -to-refernce book gives details on over 100 crystals, complete with traditional uses, new techniques, crystal correspondences and much more.

Watkins 2018 ISBN 978-1-84483-914-8  £10.99 + P&P

"The Practical Guide to Crystal Healing"

This is an update and reprint of the book 'Crystal Healing' published by Duncan Baird in 2010.

"Crystals have been used as a complementary therapy to ease both physical and emotional ailments for centuries; their unique vibrational resonances able to restore balance to the body's energy systems and enhance spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing.

Alongside guidance on the most important crystals to use for specific illnesses and situations, whether it be insomnia, migraines, depression or the upheaval of moving house, crystal therapy experts Simon and Sue Lilly provide practical tips on how to use these precious stones to restore overall health and further spiritual development."

Watkins 2017 ISBN 978-1786780966  £12.99 + P&P

"Preseli Bluestone: Healing Stone of the Ancestors"

This book from Simon & Sue includes the history and myths surrounding Merlin, Preseli Bluestone and Stonehenge. It also delves into the concepts of the energy of the Earth and techniques for Earth healing. The last section of the book contains over 25 techniques for self-healing and working with Preseli Bluestone in groups.

2011 ISBN 978 1905454082 (Tree Seer Publications)
Cost £9.95 + P&P

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